Your packaging says "Made in USA".  Where is it made?

The tool is manufactured in Muskegon Michigan and packaged and shipped from Kalamazoo Michigan. 

What is spline?

Spline is the rubber that holds the screen into place

Are there different sizes of spline?

Yes! There are many different sizes. If you are unsure of which one you need to purchase we suggest taking just a small piece of the old spline to your local hardware/home-improvement store and match it up.

What about flat spline?  Can I use the Screenmouse with that?

No you can't BUT in most cases flat spline can be replaced with .220" round spline (For applications like screen-houses)

What about screen doors?

Yes - It will work great

Do I have to remove my screen from the window to replace it?

If at all possible, it make make the installation much easier

Are there different types of screen? How do I choose?

Yes there are different kinds of screen. Nylon, Fiberglass & Aluminum are the most common. You will need to select based on the durability you desire as well as the price

Can I reuse my old spline?

Yes you can, but we recommend that you purchase new spline. It is very inexpensive and will make your installation a little easier

Should I cut the spline off at the corners?

That is a matter of personal preference - Either way will work great

How do I trim the excess screen?

With a standard utility knife after the screen is secured

If I make a mistake, can I remove the spline and start over?

Yes - Luckily it is very forgiving

Does it matter which corner I start on?

No - Start wherever you like

Can the Screenmouse be used on screen enclosures, such as screen houses?

Yes, just make sure to use round spline, not flat

Is this tool left-hand friendly?

Yes it is - It works exactly the same for "Lefties" or "Righties"

How much time should I allow to complete my screen repair?

Once the old screen it removed it should take no longer than 10 minutes or so

Is there a right and a wrong way to use the Screenmouse?

Yes - Please follow the instructions carefully. 



Install screens in a few simple steps:

1. Thread spline through the BACK (B) of the Screenmouse until it exits the FRONT (F) end. Tuck spline underneath the FRONT wheel.

2. Press the screen and spline into frame groove using FRONT wheel. Align both wheels in groove.

3. Using even pressure, push the Screenmouse forward. The BACK wheel will lock the spline into place. Trim excess and your screen installation is complete.